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About Us


Our Story

HDE started in 2007 with a young couple of the Geekus Maximus species who had a dream to play with gadgets and gizmos all day long. They formulated a plan to make this dream a reality, working during the day while tinkering with the online marketplace at night from the comfort of their basement. After starting small with various electronics and items that they could offer at a competitive price, soon their ambitions grew to larger and more diverse items. They followed the idea that if someone was making it, someone else must be willing to buy it.

Overnight, this little dream grew too large for their basement. The couple's former game and bar room turned into storage, their couch was covered in shipping materials, and there was barely any room to walk. It was time to move. So they made the big decision to quit their day jobs, buy a warehouse, and expand their business.

Several years later, they now own a warehouse in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania and have added a few more members to the HDE family.


Why You Should Shop With Us

When HDE started to develop into a high-volume online business, we decided on a few core values that HDE would follow - values that ensure we provide great service to our customers and to make it clear why you should shop with us.

  • Quality Guaranteed

    Everything on our site is housed in our warehouse and sold by us. We are not a marketplace, which allows us to avoid potentially unreliable third party sellers that might not take responsibility for what they sell to you.
  • Easy Shipping

    We guarantee a no hassle, flat shipping cost on all US orders. Options to upgrade shipping services are available if urgency requires faster shipping.
  • Convenient Location

    Everything is shipped directly from our warehouse in Pennsylvania.
  • Real People

    Our customer service team is available to offer general and technical support to our customers. Our call center is located in our Pennsylvania office and our team is happy to help you should any issues arise with your HDE shopping experience. If your experience is anything short of excellent, just give our customer service team a call or send them an email and they will do their very best to make you happy!


And Finally…

In the fast-paced world of online shopping, we recognize that you have plenty of buying options available right at your fingertips, which is why we are so excited you found your way here! There will always be more retail websites popping up all around the web, but know that is your one-stop destination for reliable and inexpensive products.

We make it our mission to constantly add new products to our ever-growing inventory of up-to-date and quality products, which means you may encounter something new the next time you stop by. We hope that next time is sooner, rather than later!