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Singing Bowl Tibetan Pillow Wooden Striker Set for Meditation Yoga and Chakra Healing Therapy

Singing Bowls
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Product Description

  • HEALING - Free yourself from disease and restore your body's natural vibratory frequencies with this hand hammered singing bowl
  • VERSATILE - Ideal for deep relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing, Reiki, chakra balancing, and World music
  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED - Metal alloy design creates a rich blend of harmonic overtones optimal for affecting left/right brain synchronization
  • ACCENT PIECE - Adds a flair of culture to any room, looks great on your desk or shelf, and gives a fun and a harmonious flavor to your décor
  • ALL INCLUSIVE SET - This brainwave entraining device includes one Tibetan singing bowl, one sewn cushion, and one wooden mallet

Albert Einstein once said, "Everything in life is vibration." From the largest of galaxies to the smallest of elementary particles, it's all vibration; a symphony of resonating frequencies that when introduced to matter and energy create form. Our bodies are no exception. Every organ in our bodies is a manifestation of these vibrations and resonates to a certain frequency. When our thoughts and emotions and the vibrations they create disharmonize the vibrational state of our bodies we become ill. In short, we think ourselves sick.

That being said, we--like a car engine--need a tune up from time to time. Singing Bowls are brainwave entraining devices that, like a tuning fork, restore our body’s natural vibratory frequencies by synchronizing our brainwaves with the perfect resonance of the bowls.


  • Hold the singing bowl on the palm of the left hand.
  • Grasp the mallet about mid-length, with all the fingertips pointing downwards and touching the wood.
  • Gently tap the mallet against the side of the bowl to "warm-up" the bell.
  • With an even pressure, rub the mallet clockwise around the outside edge of the rim of the bowl. Use a full arm movement, just like stirring a big kettle of soup, and keep the mallet straight up and down.


You deserve to feel better, and HDE singing bowls are here to help. Can you hear the music?

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